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Chattahoochee River
Paddler Access Points
Paddler Access Points

Length: 436 miles (702 kilometers)

"Chattahoochee" is an Indian word which means "river of painted rocks"?, possibly referring to the many colorful rock outcroppings in and along the river. The source of the river is a tiny spring located several hundred yards below the Appalachian Trail in the southeast corner of Union County. The headwaters of the Chattahoochee River which drain into Lake Lanier above Atlanta comprise the smallest watershed, or drainage area, which provides a major portion of water supply for any metropolitan area in the country. The Chattahoochee River is the second southernmost trout habitat in the United States (other: Guadalupe River, Texas) and is also one of only two trout streams in North America that flow through a major urban area (other: Bow River, Canada). The Chattahoochee River Basin supplies more than 70 percent of metro Atlanta's water for drinking and other needs -- an annual average of about 450 million gallons per day. In 1957, the Corps of Engineers completed Buford Dam, 50 miles above Atlanta, and created Lake Lanier, the most visited federal lake in the U.S. Lake Lanier contains 38,000 acres and 700 miles of shoreline. In the mid-1970's, the Corps of Engineers built West Point Lake, which is 85 miles south of Atlanta and has 25,900 acres and 525 miles of shoreline.

It eventually turns due south to form the southern half of the Georgia/Alabama state line. Flowing through Lake Harding and Lake Oliver, it falls by Phenix City, AL. and Columbus, GA. - home to the Chattahooochee River Whitewater Course which has been named the "Best Man-made Whitewater in the World" by USA Today 2013 and the Longest Urban Whitewater Course in the World!

From Lake Oliver to Fort Benning, the Chattahoochee Riverwalk provides rafting, kayaking, paddle boards, tubing, cycling, rollerblading, and walking along 15 miles (24 km) of the river's banks. Farther south, it merges with the Flint River and other tributaries at Lake Seminole near Bainbridge, to form the Apalachicola River that flows into the Florida Panhandle. Although the same river, this portion was given a different name by separated settlers in different regions during the colonial times.

The Chattahoochee River is one of the oldest and most stable river channels within the United States, since it's essentially "locked" in place, flowing along the Brevard Fault Zone, and cannot meander and change course over time like most rivers.
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Lakes on the Chattahoochee River
(in order of flow)
Lake Name Full Pool
Acres Map
1,071.0 38,542 Printed Lake Map
797.0 674  
635.0 25,864 Printed Lake Map
521.0 5,860  
404.0 940  
337.0 2,150  
188.0 45,181 Printed Lake Map
105.0 1,540  
77.5 37,500 Printed Lake Map

Outflows of the Chattahoochee River
Apalachicola River

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